Friday, March 28, 2008

How To Solve World Hunger

A. Not by criticizing the Church, or so says one Dr. Richard Geraghty:

We try to solve it, knowing that it never will be solved because men will never be perfect but will be afflicted by the results of original sin. Secular Utopians cannot stand hearing this because they feel that if they organize the whole world according to their plans, then perfect justice and prosperity will reign. For that to happen, they argue, the Church will have to quit preaching about original sin and patience under suffering and be as positive in outlook as they are. In this way they come off as much more moral and much more concerned for the human race than the Church. This is pure propaganda which is supposed to make Christians feel guilty for insisting that sin is much more an evil than hunger. Man does not live by bread alone. Of course he needs the bread. But he will be much more apt to get it by saying his prayers and not sinning. This is exactly what a secularist will jump on as a proof that the Church does not really care about the poor and hungry. By their unreal dreams and promises, then, they gain the high moral ground of really loving the human race and would be able to show that love once they got in a position to run the world.

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