Monday, March 17, 2008

Picking the President: Gay Rights

Supports same-sex marriage Gravel
Supports civil unions for same-sex couples Clinton, Obama
Supports neither, but opposes Federal Marriage Amendment McCain, Paul
Supports Federal Marriage Amendment to ban same-sex marriage nationwide Huckabee, Hunter, Romney...l.o.l.
Point to Gravel, because, as stupid as it is, there's a difference between a marriage and a civil union. A civil union is recognized by the law, but not necessarily by religions. These religious groups, including my own, the Catholics, need to get with the times and give same-sex couples the respect they deserve.

Glen: But homosexuality is immoral, and same-sex couples shouldn't have the right to get married!

Shut up. A same-sex relationship may not be your cup of tea, but gays aren't doing anything wrong. Instead of persecuting this group of people, people should be focusing on bigger problems.

And for the love of God, and this goes for anyone reading this post...don't start another flame war.

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