Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Un-Butchered Beatles: 1969

"Get Back" - The band's experimental phase was done, but they were still making classic rock.  Their work during this year sounds very different from that done in the early years.  Almost a decade had passed, and the guys had matured greatly, though they were still in their twenties.  With help from keyboard master Billy Preston and legendary producer Phil Spector, they made the classic album Let it Be, and "Get Back" is certainly one of the highlights, what with its sweet guitar and electric piano solos.  These guys can jam!
"Don't Let Me Down" - Enjoy this soulful tune by John.  It may be an ode to Yoko, but his are the feelings we all get when we've fallen for someone.  I dare one of those Idol finalists to match the greatness of John's passionate vocals.
"Let it Be" - From the guys who brought you "Hey Jude", it's another lighter-waver.  This song may be the closest the Beatles ever got to gospel.  Note the inspiring lyrics from the eternal optimist, Paul McCartney, and awesome organ work from the late great Preston.
"The Long and Winding Road" - Paul also happens to be one of the greatest ballad-writers of all time.  Around the same time John and Yoko hooked up, he got hitched to the late Linda McCartney, the love of his life who inspired many a tender ode.  This is a great tune, whether you prefer this subtle version from a five-piece or Phil Spector's epic remix.
"Here Comes the Sun" - George's compositions are among the very best moments of the amazing Abbey Road.  He spent the 60s in the shadows of John and Paul, but his songs are every bit as good as theirs.  His guitar work was also a key element of the band's sound.
"Something" - For further evidence of George's greatness, check out this song.  Doesn't get any better than this beautiful ballad.  Gorgeous melody and lyrics, done justice by a superb performance by the band.
Next: The band breaks up, but does some damn good solo work.

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