Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Picking the President: More Gay Rights

Allow gays to serve openly in military Clinton, Gravel, Obama
Supports Don't Ask/Don't Tell McCain, Paul
Points to the Democrats. There's no reason why we shouldn't let these "sinners" serve. Again, the religious Americans are just looking for a group to bully.

Glen: But they are sinners, and thus deserve to be bullied!

Shut up. I don't understand the Republicans' thinking here. If these people are sinners, why shouldn't we send them to die in Iraq and Afghanistan? Oh, that's right, because their "sins" disqualify them from receiving that "right."


  1. Ben, if I may comment. This I find not to be an issue. Glen is representing a poor version of a Republican. You have Republicans who are religious or scientific. Then you have psychopaths. Glen is a psychopath, he does not rationalize thoughts and he fails to understand the true meaning behind various issues. He disagrees just to a) gain attention and b) express his psychotic nature and enforce it upon others. I do believe that he needs some mental help, as he only gives the backing of "sin" for why certain things should not happen. First off, who decides upon "sin." Do you do that, archbishop Glen? No, in fact, it is up to that person to decide if they are doing something that is good. For instance, with the subject of gays. Who says being gay is a "sin?" I, personally, disagree with the "lifestyle;" however, I use reasoning and basic logic to determine why I do not like that lifestyle. This including that it is not natural, it does not help with the production of other humans, and I feel that it is very strange for someone to be attracted to the same sex. Glen, therefore, should stfu about issues until he can come up with a meaningful argument on his case, one that has solid facts that can back up his opinion.

    I rest my case.

  2. Alright, I wouldn't use "psychopath" to describe Glen. I think "ridiculous" is a more appropriate word. I knew his Sizing Up would fail, which is why I started writing Picking the President.
    But remember, we live in Massachusetts. The most liberal state of the union. Just about everyone in this state supports gay rights.
    I don't know how many Massachusetts residents realize that most Americans do not agree with us in that respect. The majority of people in the other states, believe it or not, agree with Glen's "psychotic" view that homosexuality is immoral, and that these people shouldn't have the same rights as heterosexuals. I'm well aware that Glen's not a typical Republican, and certainly not a typical Democrat either. He's his own man, and I respect that, even though we don't always see eye-to-eye. But yes, for continuing to bully this group, McCain and Paul deserve criticism.

  3. I am a poor version of a Republican -- except I am not a Republican. I would say I am a combination of religious and slightly scientific (on some issues). Psychopathy is used to describe someone who is anti-social and chronically immoral. I highly doubt I fit that bill. Sin is decided by the Holy Spirit.


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