Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rant on Celebrities

*Warning: Very explicit language

This bitch celebrity left jail. Who gives a flying fuck about the experience in jail. We all know what jail is like. OMG, I havent been in his arms for awhile. Fuck you bitch, love's for people who are actually good looking. Not these ugly fucks like me. Love is an unrealistic dream for a lot of people. I am meant to be alone. I am meant to be military material. I am meant to hate celebs. Seriously woman, don't describe your experience at jail. It isn't like the life I experience everyday, or the rejection Glen gets every fucking day. I hate celebrities with a passion. Why do we care about the shit they talk about a lot? Why do we care about their personal life more then politics? It won't help us to care about a celeb's jail experience. Being an actor is a useless job when in a depression or a "recession." They are all fucking whores or bitches who can't even get a normal job. - Cammy from CA
Great job, Cammy.


  1. Who posts this crap? Get a life.

  2. Hey Nony, you are a victim of BULLSHIT and LIES by you're celeberties and Role Models. How do you feel?

  3. This is you're worst fucking nightmare. I got your back from e-bullies, Cammy.

  4. How eloquent. Apparently spelling and grammar and subtlety are lost arts on the Internet.


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