Thursday, January 24, 2008

CD Review: Inches

1) College
2) Fallback Replacement
3) Girl Like That
I had the pleasure of seeing a fine band called Saturday at Nine a few weeks ago. After their lovely set, they handed me this E.P. You can hear "College" and "Girl Like That" on their MySpace, and a live version of "Fallback Replacement" on YouTube.
The band is a tight five-piece. Their songs are a bit unpredictable, which is a great thing. Check out the sound of the start of the second verse of "College" and the surprising drum and horn breaks. Right in the middle of the studio version of that song, it becomes a Latin song for a verse. Awesome!
Then comes "Fallback Replacement", with guitar and horns that tell you this could only be a ska song. I like the drum beat on this song. Nice singing and playing.
"Girl Like That" starts with a great introduction. The studio version is weakened just a little by unintentional changes in tempo going into the second and third verses that are far from subtle. It's still a great song, check out the live versions.
This E.P has everything I like about ska bands. These three songs are upbeat ones, perfect for that ska dancing Glen loves. But they're also great tunes any music lover can appreciate.
****1/2 out of five


  1. Watch out, Ben, when you use the phrase "any music fan can be appreciate." I am beginning to realize that all ska sounds the same. Sure, they look like they are rocking out and all. They mind as well stick to jazz because they are ruining punk.

  2. Glen: Listen to Streetlight Manifesto, Interrobang!? (awesome local band), The Slackers.

    Ben: Awesome band, with many similarities to Less Than Jake.


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