Sunday, January 27, 2008

Coke/Heroin Bust

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. -- Police say they have smashed a major heroin and cocaine distribution ring operating in the Berkshires with the arrests of six people last week.

Police seized thousands of dollars worth of drugs as well as a gun in raids on various locations in Adams, Williamstown, Pittsfield and Greenfield. The raids were the result of a three-month investigation by the Berkshire County Drug Task Force.

Police are still looking for the alleged ringleader of the group, who they say may have fled the state.

Police say they made several undercover purchases of drugs at apartments and hotel rooms in the region.

Some of the suspects were allegedly dealing drugs out of homes where young children lives. Those children have been placed in the custody of the state. - Associated Press

Why do police care what is happening up in the boonies of Western Massachusetts?

1 comment:

  1. Police care what is happening everywhere in their jurisdiction because by that same logic cocaine that is made in Columbia should be left alone even though it fucks up the rest of the world.


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