Thursday, January 24, 2008

CD Review: Room for Squares

1) No Such Thing
2) Why Georgia
3) My Stupid Mouth
4) Your Body is a Wonderland
5) Neon
6) City Love
7) 83
8) 3X5
9) Love Song for No One
10) Back to You
11) Great Indoors
12) Not Myself
14) St. Patrick's Day
There's no thirteenth track. John Mayer's a little superstitious. Just clearing that up.
Room for Squares is a pop album, but, as with Mayer's other work, with influence from other genres. The solo section in "Your Body is a Wonderland" could pass for modern jazz. Remember, this guy dropped out from Berklee.
John Mayer makes pop music I can actually enjoy. His material is a far cry from the junk on the airwaves. This guy has what many pop stars do not - talent.
The guy can write, play, AND sing. His songs have complex chord progressions, a rarity in modern rock. The album displays his skill on guitars acoustic AND electric.
In all these YouTube links, he's greeted by screaming girls who sing along. Don't be fooled. Speaking of artists with such fans, John Mayer is much closer to a Beatle than to a Backstreet Boy.

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  1. Yes, he probably has a lot more talent than a lot of pop acts today, but still he essentially isn't escaping that bitter pop rock realm.


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