Tuesday, January 15, 2008

McCain and Romney in tight race

As voters trudged through freezing weather to the polls, the candidates made last minute appearances around the state, seeking to influence people who have not yet decided and urge supporters to get out and vote.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has a lot at stake here. He was born here and remained a Michigan resident until he was 18 years old. His father was a popular governor and he reminded voters of that at a last-minute rally Tuesday.

"I think Michigan is going to vote for a Romney again. I am planning on it," he said.

But public opinion polls show Romney in a very close race with Arizona Senator John McCain, who also toured the state Tuesday urging his supporters to get out and vote.

We'll see what happens. Whatever the results, this race is still wide open. Again, the media is impatient. They're always trying to guess who the winner will be, even when there's no telling. Exit polls, news reports...all a bunch of baloney.

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