Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sizing Up The Candidates Part 4

Topic: War, Defense, Terrorism
Voters Guide:
• States have the right to engage in war in self-defense but
should first exhaust all peaceful solutions.
• Just war is waged within defined moral boundaries in regard
to its targets, goals, and outcomes.
• Political leadership must have both the inclination toward
peace and the capacity for decisive action if war is just and
• Nations have a duty to protect their citizens from legiti-
mate threats.
• Nations should build their capacity for defense in light of
just-war theory.
• Terrorism—the injury and murder of innocent civilians—
is never justified.
• Defending a nation combines the military, international
diplomacy, and a compassionate foreign policy.
- Essentially, there is debate over whether the Iraq War
is a just one. Religious leaders have criticized it and have
opposed it since the start. Therefore, a candidate
can either oppose it or be in between on it.

Ron Paul (Republican) - 100%

Timetable for withdrawal? Yes
Support for war in 2002? No
Supported troop surge?


Split Iraq into three regions? Has not said


Mike Huckabee (Republican) - 50%
Timetable for withdrawal? No
Support for war in 2002? Yes
Supported troop surge?


Split Iraq into three regions? Has not said

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