Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Picking the President: Did they support the surge?

Quick note before we proceed: this afternoon, I took SelectSmart.com's presidential candidate selector/quiz. According to the quiz, the candidate I like best is the ideal one I've created in my mind somewhere. Then comes Biden and Dodd. Too bad they dropped out. That leaves Barack Obama. Now, that doesn't mean I'll just stop cranking out these posts when I've barely scraped all the issues. Who knows? Maybe someone besides Obama will get the most points. Gravel's leading, but there's lots of issues to go, so anything can happen.

Supported troop surge Giuliani, Huckabee, McCain, Romney
Opposed troop surge Clinton, Edwards, Gravel, Obama, Paul
Point to Paul and the Democrats. Saddam Hussein was dead by the time Bush proposed the surge. We had already been in Iraq much longer than planned. If anything, we should have been decreasing our presence there.

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