Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stolen/Lost Stuff At WHS

Another issue we will take up at the class meetings is the sorry reality that students must secure their belongings in locked lockers at all times to ensure their safety. Several losses of personal property have been reported to us lately, of IPods, phones, and even coats disappearing. In each instance, students had left these items in either open areas or in unlocked lockers. In some cases, the missing items are located. We have had some good samaritans turn in found items to the office. One parent contacted the school to say her child had an item which was not his, and thus it was returned, but this is a rarity. At the beginning of the year, all students are assigned lockers and given locks. It is our recommendation that students use these assigned lockers to protect their belongings. As electronic devices such as IPods are not allowed during the school day, we do not recommend that students even bring these to school. We do understand that virtually all of our students have cell phones for safety and convenience. These items are also not allowed to be used in classrooms. If they are stowed away for the day in a secure place, there is less temptation to use them at inappropriate times and less chance of losing them. Thank you in advance for helping us with this safety issue. - WHS Update

There are a lot of idiots at WHS. There are also a bunch of people that feel the need to close open lockers and/or go through them. Lock yo' stuff up.


  1. I always close lockers if no ones there. Just a better idea.

  2. just keep ipods and phones on you in a pocket.


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