Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Randy Moss denies battering allegations

FOXBOROUGH -- A Florida woman who alleged she was battered by Randy Moss earlier this month Monday received a temporary restraining order against the Patriots receiver.

Rachelle Washington, 35, who claimed she has had an intimate relationship with Moss since 1997, further alleged Moss denied her medical attention after the Jan. 6 incident. The terms of the injunction call for Moss to remain 500 feet away from Washington, and he's prohibited from using or possessing firearms. He must turn any in his legal possession over to the Broward County Sheriff's office.

Today, Moss, who in his first year with the Patriots set an NFL record with 23 touchdown receptions and broke the franchise record for receiving yards with 1,493, vigorously defended himself against the domestic violence accusations.

Ay ya ya. I hope to God Randy didn't do it! Oh, and NE Sports News.

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  1. Look at the media all up in his grill. Back away, he is a homo sapien too.


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