Saturday, March 15, 2008

3 WHS DECA Students Compete In Boston

Three Wakefield High School students competed at the DECA State Career Development Conference held in Boston from March 13-15. All three students -- Glen Maganzini (Accounting Applications), Caroline Hanley (Marketing Management), and Spencer Connell (Food Marketing) -- were awarded DECA Achievement awards for their efforts. Maganzini was also awarded both a bronze medal for his written exam and a finalist plaque. - Wakefield Étudiant

It is awkward to write an article about yourself, but this is fairly significant so I decided to. It is important to note that Spencer built quite a reputation over the course of his stay. He came to the conference carrying cult classic like status. For instance, a picture of him dancing at the districts is on display on a billboard at Somerville High School. Another random kid came up to Spence and said "your brother John is a great singer. He looks just like you." Finally, I went around asking random people if they recognize good old Spence. An overwhelming majority responded "yes." Anyway, it was a fun time and I encourage anybody that takes/is going to take a business class to join DECA so they have the chance to compete! It is a bit tiring (4 total examinations: 2 tests, 2 role plays with judges) but in the end it all pays off. You meet new people, develop relationships, and simply enjoy yourself.

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