Saturday, March 1, 2008

Band Spotlight: The Mabuses

History: To be completely honest with ya there is very little known about this band. Just check out their wikipedia page Anyway, the band formed in 1991 in London after Singer/guitarist Kim Fahy's previous group The Assassins disbanded . They then released two artistically and critically successful albums, The Mabuses (1991) and The Melbourne Method (1994). Both records were released on the fantastic, Independent label, Magpie records. Over a decade went by until a new release. Mabused (2007), their third album has proven to be their greatest effort.

Kim Fahy- Vocals, guitar
Chris Wilson
Valentine Carruthers
Trevor Sharpe
Donna McKevitt
Jamie Harley
Lucien de Belleville
Les Cargo

Does anyone else know the instruments the other band members play? I seriously could not find out any more. Sorry, if anybody knows thanks in advance.

Genre: Experimental, Neo-Psychedelic Pop

Musical Style: The Mabuses' music combines heavy elements of catchy Pop music and Experimental Rock with Psychedelic tendencies. The majority of songs you will hear by them are uplifting, joyful, and have a positive message. I think the website described it best,"The songs are nearly all classic pop tunes tinged with dark overtones. Excellent and intricate guitar playing accompanied by baffling lyrics from which emerge a world of malevolent barbers, lunatics, mercy seats, car crashes, train journeys delivered in upbeat humour.The Mabuses' music is riddled with improbable arrangements, immersed in dark humour,and rife with pop hooks of great impact."

Best Album: Mabused (2007)

Top Songs:
"Life in a Lifeboat"
"Dark Star"
"I'm The Greatest"
"Russian Roulette"

Influences: Pink Floyd, Syd Barret, Captain Beefheart, The Beach Boys, and Monty Python.

Influenced: Tv On The Radio, Super Furry Animals, and XTC

Why You Should Listen to The Mabuses: Well, it is hard to find a band that can combine the best aspects of experimental music with the best aspects of pop music, but your search may be erased if you check out The Mabuses. I assure you the songs will make you want to laugh, dance or simply sing-along. It is really a shame that not too many people know about this extraordinary music. So do yourself a favor and GET MABUSED!

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