Wednesday, March 5, 2008

CD Review: A Night At The Met

1) Opening
2) Ballet
3) Alcohol
4) Marijuana
5) Cocaine
6) Cops
7) Reagan
8) Khadafi
9) Spring
10) Men's Parts
11) Lust
12) Dr. Roof
13) Pregnancy
14) Childbirth
15) Childhood
16) ...And The Future
Long before he was "the annoying guy at talk shows and the Oscars", Robin Williams earned a more prestigious title: comedy legend. He broke the rules of making people laugh with a style that remains unique. He combined written material with rapid-fire improvisation, incorporating one liners, observations, rants, impressions, and characters all throughout.
Robin was already a legend by the time of this performance. How many comics perform at the Metropolitan Opera House? How did this cocaine-fueled, hairy guy in a Hawaiian shirt get on such a prestigious stage?
Well, how many comedians can kill in such a venue? How many can do infinite voices while constantly dancing around without looking like a total fool? And how many can rant about cocaine with such credibility?

Here's a little warning sign if you have a cocaine problem: Number 1, if you come home to your house and there is no furniture and your cats going "I'm out of here, prick!" WARNING! Number 2, If you have this dream, where your doing cocaine in your sleep, and you can't fall asleep and doing cocaine in your sleep and can't fall asleep AND YOU WAKE UP and doing cocaine! BINGO! Number 3, If on your tax forms, it says "50,000 dollars for snacks! MAY DAY!
Some parts of this album make me laugh every time I hear them. Even Robin can't help but crack up when declaring that once a pregnant woman starts having mood swings, "She makes Sybil look well-adjusted!" Check out the disc, and find out why Robin's up there in the pantheon of comedy.
****1/4 out of five


  1. Hey Ben, I've heard some of the material and it was hilarious. Would you mind if I borrowed the album fro ya? I'll lend you one of my Hicks albums.

  2. Sure thing, bro...I'll send it to you on AIM. You have WinRAR, right? If not, be sure to get it. It's kind of like WinZip, but better.


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