Monday, November 24, 2008

Concert Vs. Show Vs. Gig

I've often pondered...what's the difference between a concert, a show, and a gig?

Concert: A concert is a rather large musical event in an open air stadium, arena, or theatre. The acts are relatively well known (in most cases), but can just as commonly be indie. Examples: Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello at the Ryan Center; Morrissey at the Orpheum; Radiohead at the Comcast Center.

Show: A show is a smaller sized performance, marked by indie performers. These indie acts can be high profile or low -- it really doesn't make a difference; the benchmark characteristic of a show is its low capacity. Examples: No Age at the Middle East Downstairs; Psychedelic Furs at the former Avalon.

Gig: A gig is the smallest of performances. Consisting of typically only one act, a gig can take place at a bar, a restaurant, or even at a home. Examples: Ben Tan's backyard performances

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  1. No, they're all the same. Concert and show are basically synonymous and the term "gig" are used by the musicians themselves usually. The only difference being that yeah a concert/show could not be applied to small things like BBT's back yard jam.


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