Wednesday, November 26, 2008

WHS Faculty Top Students, 49-46

In a fun-filled game -- albeit hardly as 'epic' and 'magical' as DJ James DiNanno called for it to be -- the WHS Faculty got the win over their student counterparts last night at the Charbonneau Fieldhouse, 49-46. Early on the game was quite close; the lead changed hands several times. In the final minutes, however, the faculty was able to take a commanding lead thanks to the inside skills of Mr. Cummings, who ended up suffering an ankle injury. The Warriors did rally behind from as many as twelve points, making the score about even. They couldn't seal the deal, despite a strong effort from a plethora of the players.

- Mr. Robertson: Who says that you can't be awesome at both tennis and basketball? Robertson scored a few baskets, ran well, and was pretty much everywhere on the court.
- Mr. Cummings: A force on the inside -- especially at the end when the faculty needed him most.
- James Beaton - Athletically manhandled basically everyone.

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