Friday, November 14, 2008

A New Point of View

When I started to write in my English and History classes, I recognized that I was writing a mediocre and very confusing paper. Mr. Metropolis encouraged me to write very straight forward and simple essay. I will try to do that from now on.
The reason why I am writing this post is to make everyone alert about the fact that even if your essays and papers look very sophisticated, it does not mean it is "A" quality. The main "theme" of a "A" quality paper is wealth of knowledge and the understanding of the materials learned in class. That does not mean you have to include words that require a dictionary to understand.
What I have learned from my high school learning is that the more straight forward and cleaner it is, the better the essay. This is not always the case, but generally, it is the best way to write one.
Although I do have a handicap of some sort (because English is not my first language), I still try to get rid of that handicap to be treated like everyone else in the school, grade-wise.
You can probably consider this a informative rant. I am trying to let everyone in the Etudiant as well as the people who read the Etudiant to understand the true meaning of a well thought out essay.
A paper may contain 40 pages worth of information, but if they are out of order and very hard to read. Such as Walden... (no offense to anyone who enjoyed and understood the book) No one will understand, fully, of the meanings.
Now, if a paper had 20 pages worth of information, and it was well thought out and planned accordingly. The paper will probably be easier to read and much more straight forward. This does not mean it has to so straight forward that it punches you in the face. It means that it has to be clear enough for the reader to get a glimpse of what you are saying without thinking twice.

By the way, if I make any grammatical errors, punctuation errors, or any kind of a English error in any of my writing. Please notify me in the Comments. I will be glad to know what errors I have made and will take no offense to any helpful comments. It is because I am still learning about the English writing style and want to improve. If anyone reading my posts sees any error, please feel free to comment. Thank you :).

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  1. I know exactly what you mean, Ryan. I've always been a mediocre (or worse) essay writer (when it comes to assignments). What I've learned this year is that it is better to, like you said, be straight forward. As long as you state your points in an organized fashion, you should be good to go. Oh yeah and don't write conclusions. They don't matter.


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