Friday, November 14, 2008

A Day In The Life (Of A WHS Student)

I've always wanted to tell people what goes through my mind before school and during school at Wakefield Memorial High School.

4:30-5:30 AM: I wake up and think to myself "shit. Why didn't I do my homework last night?" I get sudden urges to go back to sleep (and I do about 1/3 of the time), but I wake up anyway and proceed to go to the computer. I check my e-mail in addition to three forums. I open up LimeWire and play "key" songs --- ones that will help me finish the homework I was supposed to do the night before. If it is a paper or some huge ass assignment, I will usually take enough time to complete it sufficiently (that is about B/C range grade-wise). If it is a normal homework assignment, I bullshit it. Keep in mind there are three different level of bullshitting. Level 1 bullshitting is the kind of BS that actually makes it appear as if I did a thorough job on the homework. Level 2 bullshitting is the kind of BS that has some problems (not all) look like they are completed and done correctly. Level 3 bullshitting is complete BS. A good Level 3 bullshitter will get full credit on the homework, but for the average man this usually isn't the case. Most of the problems done via Level 3 have no resemblance to what they really should look like. Poor Level 3 bullshitters typically do poorly on graded work like quizzes and tests. The Level 1 or 2 bullshitter still might have a chance to do well on these examinations. Sometimes I have to study for a test or quiz at this time. I usually only re-read my notes or handouts. This can be hazardous especially for math classes because doing out practice problems is the best way to study.

6:30-7:00 AM: With all my homework/studying done, I go downstairs and have breakfast. Also, I sometimes read the Boston Globe but usually not. After I eat, I run back upstairs, brush my teeth, then put my normal clothes on. At the moment, I currently blast Pink Floozy's Darkside of the Moon but I'm usually more prone to listening to Sam Sparro's song "Black and Gold." When I'm done doing all of those things, I turn off the boom box and pack up my briefcase. It takes me three minutes to drive to school on a good day. I listen to my choice of a mixtape at a volume level between 15-20. I park on the hill.

7:00-7:25 AM: Once I park on the hill, I get out of the car then I lock it. I usually go straight to the cafeteria. There are always two kids --- Matt Hurton and Spencer Connell --- sitting at our classic pre-school lunch table adjacent to the Snapple machine. It is very hard to understand me. At times, he quotes YouTube videos readily or talks about something funny/interesting, but at other times he is in a seemingly bad mood. To me this is hilarious. Spencer is just kind of there. That's not a bad thing, but he's just there. A little after me, Prateek comes. He usually isn't in that jovial of a mood in the morning.

7:26-7:30 AM: I make my way to homeroom. On my way there I usually pass two particular individuals sitting in the math hallway. I greet them in some way then I move on.

7:30-7:35 AM: I am in homeroom. I look at my watch and wait for it to say 7:35:28 (the bell). When I'm not doing that I am talking to Justin or J.J about something particularly funny.

The Hallways: The hallways always strike me as awesome. If I was talking to somebody in the class I was just in, the conversation usually carries into the hall. It's awesome when that doesn't happen. Honestly, I usually say hi to kids that aren't in any of my classes. These are usually underclassmen that I've been in classes with. If I see somebody I know I might just give a look of "yo" or a "what's up" but this usually isn't the case. When I don't feel like saying hi to anyone, I usually just look forward or zone out. It's not that hard for me.

Statistics: My leg usually hurts like hell. I am so damn squirmy in my uncomfortable chair. Besides that, the class is hilarious. It cracks me up when people get so into statistics that they endeavor to argue about certain concepts. I usually just sit there and laugh at things that aren't funny. I have a serious problem with that.

English: Mr. Brennan is the man which is why this class is great. The chair I sit in is also very uncomfortable and makes my leg kill. I hate listening to other people talk about literary works. No offense to anyone; I'm sure you all have good things to say. I typically don't participate, but I might eventually. I just find it annoying to discuss books. I might be the only one. I'd rather do grammar.

Government: Mr. Lang also tends to be the man. He gets off topic so often. Since I am naturally interested in politics, I really value everything that goes on in the class. His sayings are awesome.

(To be continued)

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