Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Michelle Obama's Dress

While Obama's eloquent victory speech moved me to tears, unfortunately so did Michelle's dress. Barack looked sharp as can be in a dark navy suit, which was custom made by Hart Schaffner Marx, but I just wasn't feeling Michelle's splotchy red and black Narciso Rodriguez frock.

It might seem a little shallow to be discussing fashion the day after such a big moment in America's history, but I'm not the only one buzzing about Mrs. Obama's election night attire. Yahoo! users are searching like crazy for info on her dress, while critics are weighing in on whether it was a hit or miss. - Omg Yahoo!
Why is this the top story on I have lost almost all of the faith (which is next to none) I once had in the media. What kind of sick creatures blog about this irrelevant topic? A "little shallow"; that's like saying Bill Gates is only a little rich. Oh yeah and this is the reason why the Étudiant is a celebrity blog on April 1.

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