Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sites Worth A Visit:

Personal note: I'm not sure if this will be a recurring thing: I just heart anagrams.

If you expect to see youtube on here anytime soon, don't hold your breath. There's no need to focus on sites everyone already visits. No, this will be for sites that aren't quite as well known, though definitely should be. This is SWAV-Sites Worth A Visit.

Let's start off the first addition of SWAV with a personal favorite: To give you a picture, think of Wikipedia... Now, instead of being about random shit no one cares about, imagine it is about every single solitary interesting facet of television, film, literature, internet culture, and all mediums in between. And now, most importantly, imagine it's actually interesting. That's TVTropes in a nutshell. Every page is a concise, tongue-in-cheek explanation of anything you need or want to know about common writer themes, ideas, plot twists, and more- or tropes, as they are lovingly (or not so much) called. Trust me, it may not seem like much, but it's Better Than it Sounds (a page title, by the way). If you visit, I can assure you you'll get at least moderately addicted to the "Random Page" button. Plus, the site is so large and the user base so friendly that you can never get tired of it. I'd have to give the site a 9.5/10, only because I've never seen the perfect website before.

To visit the site just go to The front page will give you more than enough of an explanation (probably far better than the one I gave you here)
This is open to all Étudiants, by the way. It'll be interesting to see everybody's interests.

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