Friday, November 7, 2008

Unemployment Rate At 6.5% In U.S

The national job market is in worse shape than previously thought.

The federal government says the economy lost 240,000 jobs in October and has revised the September loss higher to 284,000.

The U.S. Labor Department says the combined loss of more than half a million jobs in the past two months pushed the unemployment rate for October to 6.5 percent, the highest in 14 years.

Average analyst estimates had forecast U.S. nonfarm payrolls would decline 200,000 in October and had said the unemployment rate would increase to 6.3 percent from September’s 6.1 percent. - Portland Business Journal

This might sound really wrong, but doesn't having a certain level of unemployment keep wages up for workers? Don't worry, though, I do think we should always strive to lower the rate.

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  1. Jobless rates today bolted to an eye-popping 6.5 percent. This tells of many things but 2 things in particular – 1) Businesses both large and small are struggling and 2) after we reach the bottom of this recession, there will be many positions to be filled by companies, large and small.

    Listen to the tone of airwaves, minus the recent election of President-elect Obama, everything has been so negative! Honestly, think about how negatively our society portrays almost every situation. Acquiring a negative perspective is easy, but stand up and make a statement about yourself – tell yourself you will not victim to this negative jargon! If you find yourself in a hole, ask yourself this question: what will more likely improve your chances of being successful – continuing with a negative outlook or transforming your thought patterns into a positive outlook?

    I work with many high level c-level executives that have experienced tremendous success in their life. The one binding characteristic between all of them is that they do not let external, uncontrollable factors influence their inner dialogue and visions for future success. In fact, many of these people use a vision board – a collage of images that symbolize personal goals success - to help them keep focused on their positivity and desired outcomes. I might suggest using one yourself if you are currently in a rut. You should look at the helpful information on how to make one over at


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