Monday, November 17, 2008

No More Shitty Music

Early in the final episode of MTV’s video countdown show “TRL” on Sunday night, Carson Daly, one of the hosts, shared a moment of bewilderment and nostalgia with Justin Timberlake and J. C. Chasez of ’N Sync, the megaplatinum boy band that rose along with “TRL” a decade ago...

After 10 years, 2,247 episodes, regular appearances by stars like Madonna and Mariah Carey, and countless Times Square traffic interruptions, “TRL” ended on Sunday with MTV’s version of a New Orleans funeral. For three hours a parade of celebrities and a crowd that never ran out of squeal celebrated the show as both a mirror of pop culture and one of its most powerful engines, an “American Bandstand” for the millennial generation that was just a little too 20th-century to survive the YouTube age. - New York Times

Probably one of the wisest moves MTV has ever made -- except it came 10 years too late.


  1. yeah too bad they still have fnmtv and music-related video games, vh1, cmt, palladia, and the vmas. they cancelled one show, big whoop. shit music is here to stay, buddy.

  2. Of course, shit music is here to stay. TRL was a platform for shit music, though, and since there is no more TRL, there is no more shit music.


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