Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Band Spotlight: The PFYFH

Genre: Alternative Rock; Experimental Rock; Spoken Word
History: Formed by Glen Maganzini in late December 2007
Musical Style: As the band name indicates, Glen and his associated acts will be playing from their hearts, an ode to Bill Hicks and to Chris DeCarlo. With no respect to artistic guitar play or correct guitar play, Glen plays whatever he feels is right. The end product sounds similar to Sonic Youth, Radiohead, and Daniel Johnston.
Top Songs:
1) Willowing
2) Specialization
3) High Speed Internet Connection
Best Album: Click the three songs above for a small demo
Why You Should Listen To The PFYFH: "Screw tablature," says Glen "all of my songs come from impulse and most of all from the heart. If you want to know the absolute truth, I forget what chords, frets, and strings I used to record those songs. And you know what? I don't really care." I guess you guys will not be seeing The PFYFH in concert anytime soon.


  1. It is not wise to write an article about yourself, as it seems to be quite corny and self-absorbed...just saying...

  2. I am not writing an article about myself but rather my band. Mogni, don't you know a thing or two about being self-absorbed?

  3. I do agree with mogchr(weird, I know) that it is not wise to write articles about oneself, however that being said, a band has to promote itself if they are going to get anywhere. Even the most "anti-professional" artists know that. Though, you really should not have done a band spotlight, but rather a promotion. By doing a band spotlight, its like you're equating yourself with the previous artists featured in the Band Spotlights (i.e. Sonic Youth and Animal Collective). Which is not fair.

  4. Eh, you guys are taking this way too seriously

  5. You can't really hear the music in the demos.

  6. I'm realistic, not self-absorbed. Promote your band in another way then writing an article about yourself...btw, decarlo delenda est.

  7. Try cranking your volume up all the way, Peter. I have a history of crappy recording, don't I?

    Mogni, you are funny. And self-absorbed in your falangist politics. Anyway, this is a band spotlight and I chose to do it on my band..so what!

  8. Maybe I should choose a band, probably too brutal for all of you combined.

  9. Why am I a moron? Please explain and DeCarlo Delenda est. does not count.


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