Thursday, January 10, 2008

Boston Trans Fat Ban?

Following the lead of New York City and Brookline, health regulators in Boston tonight took the first step toward banning artery-clogging trans fat from French fries, doughnuts, and other food sold in restaurants and corner stores.

The Boston Public Health Commission voted unanimously -- and with little discussion -- to give preliminary approval to a ban that would take effect late this year if it receives another thumbs up in the spring. Commission members were spurred to action by scientific evidence linking artificial trans fat to heart disease in humans and to diabetes and obesity in animal studies. Brookline approved a similar ban last May.

"There is no need to have artificial trans fat," said Anne McHugh, project director of the health department's Boston Steps program, which combats obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. "It's just bad."

In many respects, though, the Boston ban appears to be a regulation in search of a need. New York City prohibited trans fat in the fall of 2006, and in the food business, as goes New York, so goes the rest of the restaurant world.

Why do you guys (Health Commission) give a shit what I eat? If I want to eat foodstuff containing trans fat then I will. /sarcasm

I can see why restaurants (McDonald's among others) and individuals would be pissed if this law gets passed. I am all for a ban of trans fat, but I hope that doesn't take away from the taste.

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