Monday, January 7, 2008

Early bell before a snowstorm? Don't count on it.

WAKEFIELD - On the Thursday before Christmas it snowed all day long, much longer than forecasters had predicted. As the snow was piling up outside, parents got worried about their children. The School Department was flooded with well over 100 telephone calls, asking if school would be let out early.
In a newsletter sent out to parents, interim Superintendent of Schools Joan Landers said early dismissals are a “highly unlikely” event.

Here's the craziest excerpt from this story.
“It is highly unlikely that school would be let out early for a number or reasons, the most important one being that many parents would not be at home to meet their child. We also ended up dismissing over 100 students that afternoon, which created quite a log jam in the office."

Seriously, if you're going to end up individually dismissing over 100 students, just let the whole school out early. And no, 1:50 doesn't count. 15 minutes won't give the drivers any advantage over the roads.


  1. Who cares, you guys just need to suck it up and wait for a ride to get to your house, or walk. Grow a pair.

  2. Mogni, you did not drive in that snow. I fishtailed going 5 miles per hour.

  3. Would have happened even if it was canceled earlier.


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