Friday, January 4, 2008

John Edwards - A Pompous Little Bastard

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Former Senator John Edwards, riding his second-place finish over Hillary Clinton in the Iowa caucuses Thursday night, wasted little time in pitching his message of change in New Hampshire today, telling a dawn gathering of hundreds of supporters that voters in the Granite State "now have two choices" -- between him and Iowa victor Barack Obama

Edwards, calling himself "the people's candidate," said his victory over Clinton showed that voters are yearning for change in Washington. In the populist tone he has struck throughout his second run for the White House, he asked supporters, "Are we willing to fight the corporate greed that has an iron-fisted grip on our democracy?" - Boston Globe

Is it me or does it seem like all the candidates call themselves "the people's candidate?"


  1. You know nothing about politics, and by that I am not calling myself and expert, I'm just saying you know nothing about politics.

  2. How can you make such a blanket claim then? All I know, is that I know more than you are about politics. You just make pseudo political statements to piss people off.

    Oh and that is like me saying you don't know anything about programming.

  3. No, you make all your claims subjectively based on your religious views. Yes, I say a lot of things to piss people off, but still, most of what I say at least makes more sense than that of what you say. Veni, Vidi (Magazini), Caedi.

  4. Glen should run for president, I bet anyone would believe he is 35 with his scruffy bit of chin hair.

  5. Who cares, its not going to affect your life anyways.


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