Thursday, January 3, 2008

Obama Atheist Rumor

U.S. Sen. Barack Obama spent a half-hour Thursday afternoon greeting diners at a downtown Des Moines food court.

People swarmed around him, wishing him luck, saying he inspired them and promising to caucus for him Thursday night.

"You are going to win big tomorrow," one man told him.

"We'd love to have you caucus for us tonight," Obama said in a very hoarse voice.

He asked some Republicans to consider voting for him in the general election.

He answered questions about how he expected to do in the caucus or about the polls with "I feel good" or "We're doing great."

He reached over the counter and shook hands with workers at the Subway sandwich shop.

Zanata Moore-El asked Obama if he was an atheist.

"I'm a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ," Obama replied. "Don't read e-mails."

E-mails have circulated in recent weeks saying Obama is a Muslim or an atheist or took his oath of office on a Quran instead of a bible, none of which his true.

"I hated having to ask him that," Moore-El said. "But I heard he was like an atheist. I don't want a president who's an atheist. I'm a firm believer in God. I just really wanted to make sure because I really wanted to vote for him and he has some good topics and everything." - Huffington Post; Bill Baer

Moore-El must have forgotten that Obama is pro-death.


  1. Just because you believe in God doesn't mean you believe in all the opinions of the Christian Church.

    Like, Glen, do you approve of the spread of HIV? Because the church forbids condoms (killing sperm), thus spreading HIV and AIDS further, killing more people. So, I guess you won't be having sex until you're married and want to have a baby.

  2. "So, I guess you won't be having sex until you're married and want to have a baby."
    Peter, this is Glen we're talking about. As crazy as that sounds to you, that's exactly what he's planning.

  3. That is certainly being discussed and is realistic possibility. Of course, what you mean by "sex" is debatable. Fornication is strictly forbidden by the Bible.

    And by the way, Peter, liberals Christians (not politically, religiously) tend to make their own belief system that is most compatible with how they want to live. Not how God intends us to live.

  4. You are a fucking ass; you are the reason that people hate religion. "God intends us to do this" No, don't be a fucking idiot. God is NOT a big part of society, so stop trying to make people think that we are all God loving individuals. I go to church, I take comfort in being Catholic, but just because someone isn't doesn't mean I hate them. This is why you shouldn't be involved in politics, you make decisions from pointless material.

  5. You haven't been looking at the Catholic Voters Guide lately Mogni, have you?

    And didn't you say that you hated the Catholic Church and that you were borderline agnostic?

  6. Haha, Yeah, I know Ben.

    And, Glen I was saying how although someone may believe in God, take for instance this person. Doesn't mean that they are necessarily pro-life. I'm a Christian, and I'm not pro-life. I think there's a limit, but I'm not on either extreme.

  7. No, I am Catholic, but science comes first. Glen, you are officially a moron. A jihad has now been raised against you.

  8. To show that I do hold true to some religion, I have declared a jihad against the infidels of the Wakefield Etudiant. Please prepare for a massive invasion of my holy troops.

  9. What are you going to do, Mogni, clone yourself? You sucker of science's cock.

    Peter, I don't see how any Christian in their right mind can not be pro-life. It just doesn't make sense.

  10. Glen, that was the worst comeback I have heard in the past decade. You are the reason that there is no progress in the world. What, did god come down and personally tell you that this that and the other thing was bad. I highly doubt it. I'm Christian and I am more pro-choice. Give the people what they want, do not restrict them if you do not have to restrict them, then you have a happy populous. Don't be a conservative pussy.

  11. Haha, well, this is the real world Glen, nothing is as cookie-cutter as it seems. I'm christian, and more so pro-choice than pro-life, but I take into consideration the other side and don't try to enforce my ideas on people.

  12. Glen has been added to a proponent of the hostiles of the Jihad.


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