Friday, January 11, 2008

Sizing Up The Presidential Candidates (Part 3)

The Death Penalty/Punishment
• The Church teaches that the death penalty is acceptable
in principle but should be avoided in practice.
• The responsibility of elected officials is to ensure that penal
systems and sentencing policies do in fact protect society
from known aggressors.
• The practical elimination of the death penalty is based
upon the strength of the penal system and the commensurateness
of the sentencing procedures.

Mike Huckabee - Republican - 60%
Duncan Hunter - Republican - 30% - Disqualified
John McCain - Republican - 40% - Disqualified
Ron Paul - Republican - 60%
Fred Thompson - Republican - 10% - Disqualified
Alan Keyes - Republican - 30% - Disqualified
William Koenig - Republican - Unknown
Don Grundmann - Constitution Party - Unknown
Dan Imperato - Libertarian Party - 30% - Disqualified

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