Monday, January 14, 2008

Virtually Killing Cancer Boosts Morale

When 12-year-old Taylor Carol contracted a rare, virulent form of leukemia, it took aggressive medical treatment to save his life. That and a video game.

Taylor gives part of the credit for his recovery to the hours he spent playing Re-Mission, a computer game that lets children with cancer fight back by zapping simulated cancer cells.

"It's just such a morale boost, being able to kill what's been keeping you in the hospital bed and away from your friends," Taylor said.

His father, Jim Taylor, a technology entrepreneur and philanthropist in Dana Point, Calif., said the game helped his son endure a painful bone marrow transplant and months of chemotherapy.

"When a kid has cancer, everything's being done to them," he said. "The game gave the kid a chance to feel like he was in charge." - The Boston Globe

"Video games harm children." Yeah right.

1 comment:

  1. Re-Mission has been around for years. The game isn't news, on any front.


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