Saturday, February 23, 2008

Band Spotlight: The Editors

History: The Editors began when all four members met at Staffordshire University in 2003. They eventually signed to Kitchenware Records in September 2004. A year later, the band released their debut album The Back Room.

Genre: Post-Punk Revival (I guess)

Musical Style:
The Editor's music echoes the early 80s British Post-Punk sound. Best represented by bands such as Joy Division. Most of their songs are extremely catchy with danceable beats. But don't be fooled by my little analysis, they're not just some "pretty boy, fairy prince pop act." Their music is passionate and riveting. Best exemplified on "Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors." Now, since I just discovered the Editors last month my knowledge of their musical style is limited. Well actually my comrade asked me to attend one of their shows with him( the day of the concert) and I had never heard of them. It turned out to be a spectacular night, and I must say one of the best shows I have seen.

Best Album: The Back Room (2005)

Top Songs:
"Dust in the Sunlight"
"All Sparks"
"An End Has A Start"
"Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors"
"The Racing Rats"

Influences: Joy Division, Echo & The Bunnymen, Interpol, U2,The Chameleons, and several others.

Influenced: ? Since the band formed merely five years ago, it is hard to determine what influence if any they have had on other artists. If any fans/journalists know of any artists the Editors have influenced, by all means post them on here. Thanks in advance. Only time will tell with whom they inspire; with their amazing music, I am sure numerous young, aspiring lads will enter the rock circuit.

Why You Should Listen To The Editors: Do you like to dance? If you say yes, well instead of hopping around to teeny boppers like Justin Timberlake and Hanna Montana, check out the Editors and 'cut a rug' to thought provoking music. Just a thought. And of course if you don't like to dance well, I assure you tracks such as, "Munich" and "All Sparks" will have you singing along in no time(no dancing required!).

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