Sunday, February 17, 2008

CD Review: Hell Freezes Over

1) Get Over It
2) Love Will Keep Us Alive
3) The Girl From Yesterday
4) Learn To Be Still
5) Tequila Sunrise
6) Hotel California
7) Wasted Time
8) Pretty Maids All In A Row
9) I Can't Tell You Why
10) New York Minute
11) The Last Resort
12) Take It Easy
13) In The City
14) Life In The Fast Lane
15) Desperado
After the Eagles broke up, singer/drummer/guitarist Don Henley always said they would reunite "when hell freezes over". In 1994, it did. Either that, or they realized how much money they could make by reuniting.
Either way, the Eagles have been back ever since. That's a good thing. They have a lot of other good songs besides "Hotel California."
The studio tracks recorded especially for this album are alright. The great rocker "Get Over It" is followed by the cheesy "Love Will Keep Us Alive," which is saved by the band's beautiful harmony. I can live without the crappy country song "The Girl From Yesterday."
But who cares about a classic rock band's NEW stuff? The Eagles' live set delivers hit after hit, performed with the perfection of a truly great band. The highlight is tracks 12-14, when the band stops trying to put you to sleep and busts out the classic rockers.
There's plenty of cheese to go around, but the band makes up for that with their top-notch performing. It's impossible to complain about the best songs on this album, the ones that made this band legendary. Oh, and don't worry, they played "Hotel California", too.
****2/3 out of five

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