Thursday, February 28, 2008

Brookfield townie cracks me up

BROOKFIELD - It's hard to miss the vitriolic slogans by the side of Route 9, the
busiest thoroughfare in this bucolic Central Massachusetts town. And Dave
Holdcraft likes it that way.
Holdcraft, a landscaper and self-proclaimed
civic watchdog, spells out a new allegation on the garish yellow billboard he
has erected every time he feels that the public needs to know the truth. Or, at
least, to know the latest local issue to get him riled.
"Why are we having
fights, chaos and noise in our library?" demanded the billboard, in capital
letters, after Holdcraft was upset by reports of unruly behavior at the town
library. "Why the Green Party?" the sign queried, after Holdcraft decided he was
unimpressed by a candidate for selectman from that party. "You can't gavel me
silent," screamed the sign, after a selectman did just that to Holdcraft at a
Hurling a new attack or allegation every week, the sign has provoked
amusement and outrage in this town of 3,000 people west of Worcester, split by
the rushing Quaboag River.
This is awesome! An article all about a townie in Brookfield. He kind of reminds me of Sign Lady.
Known by some in Brookfield as "Dump Man," he said, he fought for years for a
permit that would allow him to run a small rubbish business on the land where
the sign now stands.

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