Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Darfur update

KHARTOUM (AFP) — The deadly conflict in Darfur entered its sixth year on Tuesday
with no solution in sight, as Khartoum continued to resist the full deployment
of a peacekeeping force amid a fresh wave of bombings.
UNAMID has provided a little relief, but until that force gets a bit stronger, there's no end in sight.
Bush and US officials have expressed increasing impatience at the slow
deployment of a new UN-mandated peacekeeping mission, which merged with a poorly
equipped African Union force on January 1.
The new mission, the UN's largest,
will eventually consist of 26,600 troops and police but only 9,200 such
personnel are currently deployed.
Khartoum however lashed out at Western
criticism of the slow deployment, criticising UN chief Ban Ki-moon's expression
of alarm over renewed violence in Darfur as "unfortunate."
presidential aide Nafie Ali Nafie pointed the finger at Britain, France and the
United States for the peacekeepers' slow deployment.
"Lack of funding is the
reason behind the delay in the deployment of the hybrid operation," Nafie said
on Sunday.

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