Sunday, February 24, 2008

Band Spotlight: Kasabian

History: Formed in 1999 as Saracuse. In 2000, they changed their band name to Kasabian. The band was relatively unknown between 99' and 02', but with the help of online promotion from Tom Meighan, the lead singer, the band took off.

Tom Meighan - Lead Vocals
Sergio Pizzorno - Guitar/Back-Up Vocals
Chris Edwards - Bass
Ian Matthews - Drums

Genre: Independent Electronic British Pop

Musical Style: Kasabian combines elements of electronica with the catchy elements of British Pop. Most of Kasabian's tunes are energetic, rousing, and artistically stylish. You can almost sense a little neo-psychedelia infused in some songs.

Best Album: Kasabian (2004)

Top Songs:
- "Club Foot"
- "Cutt Off"
- "I.D"
- "Shoot the Runner"

Influences: Primal Scream, The Stone Roses, DJ Shadow, and The Rolling Stones

Influenced: Aloud, Major Morgan, Low Sea Roar, Autumn Stone

Why You Should Listen To Kasabian: I usually reference specific songs in my "Why You Should Listen To..." and I will again here. One song that really captures all aspects of the band is "Cutt Off". Just listen.

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