Tuesday, February 19, 2008

CD Review: Who's Next

1) Baba O'Riley
2) Bargain
3) Love Ain't for Keeping
4) My Wife
5) The Song Is Over
6) Getting In Tune
7) Going Mobile
8) Behind Blue Eyes
9) Won't Get Fooled Again
How do you follow up one of the greatest albums of all time? This is the question The Who had to answer. They had to make a great album that could show the world that the band still had some creative juice left in them.
But we're talking about The Who here. That wasn't a problem. Who's Next is Exhibit B in the case for The Who being one of the greatest bands of all time.
Tommy is all about the story. Who's Next is all about the songs. The first and last tracks are the most famous, but don't skip the middle.
See, Pete Townshend happens to be one of the most brilliant songwriters of all time. He's also quite the guitarist, to say the least. He and two other great musicians, the late Entwistle and Moon, backed the dynamic Roger Daltrey on these classic compositions.
"My Wife", "Bargain", "Won't Get Fooled Again"...there are too many perfect tracks. Forget Nirvana. THIS is a great band.
****3/4 out of five


  1. hey hey, both bands are excellent. Tommy is far superior to Who's Next btw. The songs on Tommy are better and like you said it has a story. Both are great records.

  2. Ha, sorry, just couldn't resist taking a shot at Nirvana. Maybe if I get another CD of theirs I'll warm up to them.


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