Monday, February 25, 2008

High School Forums/Étudiant

The Étudiant forums are back. They are no longer located at proboards, but instead they have a spot on an already established website: A few sophomores run it and they've certainly done a great job in building the boards. But perhaps what they are known the most for over there is their public radio. The server isn't up 24/7 (hopefully it will be at some time!) but at select times during the day, you can listen to the semi-live radio. Admin at WHS forum, P-Stick, helped me out with becoming a DJ so in the very near future look for Chris Decarlo and I to start the radio show back up. Right now, the DJs seem to play a mix of classic rock, hard rock, and techno. They are very open to requests so be sure to post them on the forums or simply e-mail or IM them to the DJs. So make sure to listen in sometime (or all the time)!

More information on our radio show will follow in the imminent future.

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