Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Picking the President: More Crime

Keep marijuana illegal Clinton, Huckabee, McCain
Let individual states decide Paul
Legalize medical marijuana nationwide Richardson L.O.L
Decriminalize the possession and use of marijuana Obama
Legalize marijuana entirely Gravel
I think marijuana should be treated like alcohol. I suppose that's what Obama will do. I'm not encouraging the use of marijuana, though. Those who possess and use other, more dangerous drugs, should be punished for doing so. The prohibition of marijuana is distracting the law enforcers from busting people for those worse drugs. Obama's tied for second with McCain, with Gravel in the lead.

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  1. Yes, Marijuana is a far better drug than Alcohol. It is a fact. People who abuse worse drugs should not be punished, because if they have a severe problem they are sick and sick people to do not get help in jail.


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