Sunday, March 2, 2008

MLB 2k8 Soundtrack Review

The Ratings

Amazing Songs:
The Strokes — Someday
Peter Bjorn & John — The Chills

Great Songs:
Battles — Atlas
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club — Need Some Air
Dinosaur Jr. — Almost Ready
The Flaming Lips — The W.A.N.D
Kasabian — Reason Is Treason
The Presidents Of The United States Of America — Cleveland Rocks
The Cure — Never Enough

Good Songs:
Jay Reatard — My Shadow
Modest Mouse — Dashboard
The Revolution Fox Experiment — Hyper Charlie
The Cool Kids — 88

Okay Songs:
Blitzen Trapper — Wild Mountain Nation
The Cars — Moving In Stereo
The Hold Steady — Stuck Between Stations

N/A (Can't find it anywhere):
LCD Soundsystem — Watch The Tapes


One of the best video game soundtracks of all time? Yeah, uh huh. Prior to listening to this soundtrack, MVP Baseball 2005's tuneset (new word) reigned easily as my favorite ever. With the likes of then indie groups Louis XIV, Hot Hot Heat, The Bravery, and The High Speed, I at the time did not think that there would ever be a better sounding game. Well, I can now say that I guessed wrong. As you can see, there aren't any songs that are bad or terrible on MLB 2k8. The worst, in my opinion, is "Stuck Between Stations," but even that was half decent. Forget about the bad and look at the good, great, and the amazing. There is a great blend of old (The Cure; The Flaming Lips) and new (Battles; The Cool Kids) which means that there is also a great breadth of musical styles and genres in the game. Since the label "indie" doesn't really tell you too much about what KIND of music is being played, I can tell you that most of the tracks are synth-based, garage(y), and post-punk. The best song in the game is "Someday" by The Strokes. There are a bunch of songs that to me that have "Spring" written all over them. "Someday" is definitely one of them. The baseball season starts in April and for me the tennis season starts in April as well. From now until then, I like to listen to songs that pump me up. "Someday" as I just said does that. There a bunch of other ones that to do that and these include, "Reason is Treason"; "The W.A.N.D; and "Cleveland Rocks." I am not saying that you should buy the game (release date: March 4), but you should definitley download or buy these tracks. As a music listener, you should be impressed...very impressed.


  1. Hmm, sounds like a fabulous listen, I'll check it out someday. Oh btw, Post-Punk doesn't really tell us much about the style of music either. Any genre with the label "Post" in front of it means that style of music not only came after the former but is also a reaction or progression of it. A great example would be the band Fugazi. Many fans and critics love to categorize them as "Post-Hardcore" mainly because the band formed after the glory days of the Hardcore movement and all of the members had Hardcore root, this of course was reflected in their music. But the band fused other styles such as Dub to the music. So you see how it works. I for one couldn't (you happy!) care less for labels/genres, couldn't give a fuck. Chereo (feelin' British).


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