Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bill at Rascal's Comedy Club

This is a great, hilarious, early clip of Bill Hicks' comedy. It merely foreshadows what he would later do, especially in terms of social/political commentary. In this clip he is at the point in his career where he makes claims like "Reagan is a fascist!" without much to back it up. Five years later, right before his death, he was arguing that Bill Clinton, his entire administration, Janet Reno, the FBI, and all governments were liars and murderers. Excuse me ARE liars and murderers. But, that's for another day. Just sit back and enjoy this clip from 1988; I still think this is better than Carlin's best, but they are both fantastic.


  1. Haha Oprah! Yay! Anyway, I wouldn't rank JFK and RFK up there with the rest, but whatever.

  2. In retrospect, maybe he wasn't so wise to start smoking. Shake your love!

  3. I guess you could say that, but then his act (and Dennis Leary's lol) would be gone! Plus, the point was that he should have the choice to smoke.


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