Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jury convicts Entwistle

WOBURN -- A jury took less than two days to convict Neil Entwistle of murdering his wife and infant daughter, rejecting the defense's theory that the young mother shot her 9-month-old before committing suicide.

One question remains: Why on earth would someone kill his own wife and daughter? Put this wacko in jail.


  1. I didn't pay enough attention to the actual facts of the case, so I can't claim whether or not Entwistle was guilty. I can say, however, that this trial REEKED of bias. This guy was being convicted by the media way before it even went to court, and I just heard it say on the news that he is "finally" facing punishment, as if they knew he was guilty all along.

  2. Well, hey, how fair can a trial be when it's pretty clear he's guilty?


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