Friday, June 27, 2008

Introducing The Supreme Court Justices

The Supreme Court of the United States of America consists of nine Justices in total (eight Associate and one Chief) and leads the federal judiciary.

Conservative Judges: Consider the Constitution to be firmly defined; believe in Originalism; generally believe in preserving established moral values

Liberal Judges: Consider the Constitution to be open to new interpretation; believe in Progressivism; generally are open to changing moral code

Moderate Judges: Don't explicitly vote Conservative or Liberal; they pick and choose which way they side on a given case

Chief Justice John Roberts - Age 53 - Nominated in 2005 - Conservative

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia - Age 72 - Nominated in 1982 - Conservative

Associate Justice Clarence Thomas - Age 60 - Nominated in 1991 - Conservative

Associate Justice Samuel Alito - Age 58 - Nominated in 2006 - Conservative

Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy - Age 71 - Nominated in 1988 - Moderate

Associate Justice John Paul Stevens - Age 88 - Nominated in 1975 - Liberal

Associate Justice David Souter - Age 68 - Nominated in 1990 - Liberal

Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Age 75 - Nominated in 1993 - Liberal

Associate Justice Stephen Breyer - Age 69 - Nominated in 1994 - Liberal

It should be noted that the four conservatives and the one moderate are Catholics. The moderate, Kennedy, is often crucial as a swing vote.

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