Wednesday, June 25, 2008

CD Review: Reveal

1) The Lifting
2) I've Been High
3) All the Way to Reno
4) She Just Wants to Be
5) Disappear
6) Saturn Return
7) Beat a Drum
8) Imitation of Life
9) Summer Turns to High
10) Chorus and the Ring
11) I'll Take the Rain
12) Beachball
After all these years, R.E.M. is still going strong. Their recent songs are every bit as good as the early classics. Their style has matured as well, like those of all great artists.
The guys have gone far from the punk of "Radio Free Europe". This record displays a rich landscape of sounds. From the psychedelic "The Lifting" to the uncharacteristic strumming of "I'll Take the Rain", every track has something different to offer.
If you're looking for quintessential R.E.M., "Imitation of Life" is for you. On this track, R.E.M. revisits their patented style on songs like "Losing My Religion". But even THIS track is somewhat atypical. It's upbeat - a rarity for this band.
The next one, "Summer Turns to High", would sound more at home in a Brian Wilson set list than in one for this band. The band's tribute to the legend nails his style, from the arpeggios of the piano and guitar, to the bass sound, to the powerful drums, to the glockenspiel. It's a baroque masterwork, yet another example of the band's maturity.
If you want punk or mandolin, try another album. Reveal is R.E.M.'s expansion to the piano, the vibes, the strings, the spacey effects. It's something different, but this band can pull it off.
***** out of five

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