Monday, June 23, 2008

Fung Wah bus involved in death

A crash involving a Fung Wah bus in New York’s Chinatown left a woman dead this morning.

Fung Wah is a cheap way to get from Boston to New York and vice versa, but those buses have been in many accidents lately.
The low-cost bus carrier, which shuttles passengers between South Station and Chinatown in New York, is popular among bargain-hunters but has had a history of safety problems, including a rollover on an Interstate 290 ramp in September 2006 that injured 34 passengers.


  1. I guess this means Asians can't drive!
    *looks in mirror*
    I'm never getting my license, am I?

  2. This bus was struck by an out of control dump truck - the result of the trucks brake failure.


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