Thursday, June 26, 2008

Togetherness: Obama and Clinton

It will be the photo-op seen 'round the world: Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton, together Friday on stage, a picture of Democratic unity in the town of Unity – the New Hampshire burg where each got 107 votes in the January primary.

But just as important for Senator Obama, in his quest to reunify his party after a divisive primary season, will be a private meeting the night before with a few dozen of Senator Clinton's top fundraisers .

While polls indicate that the rate of "defections" – Democrats who intend to vote for presumed GOP nominee John McCain – is already approaching the usual rate of the recent elections, Obama can take nothing for granted. And, having decided to forgo public financing on the wager that he can raise far more money on his own, now he has to deliver. Clinton donors, and their fundraising prowess, are key to that equation. - Christian Science Monitor

What stinks for Obama is that many of Clinton's supporters have already made up their mind to not vote for him.

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