Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Irish Gov't Forcing Second Lisbon Vote

DUBLIN, June 23, 2008 ( - French and German officials of the European Union are pressuring Ireland to have another vote on the Lisbon Treaty after the country's citizenry resoundingly rejected the Treaty several weeks ago in the only referendum held on the document in Europe. The Irish government is reportedly considering a second vote on Lisbon for next spring, according to the Daily Telegraph.

One senior Irish official is quoted by the Telegraph saying, "A Yes vote can be achieved if the Irish people are offered guarantees on issues like defence and taxation. The no campaign will be picked off one by one. Everyone has a price." Irish leaders were said to have been "stunned" by the rejection of the Treaty that was supported by all the major political parties. - LifeSiteNews

Aaaah, stop pressuring!

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