Thursday, June 26, 2008

Top Tan List: Artists

Welcome to the Top Tan List, a biased, opinionated ranking of musicians by someone who only pretends to be a music authority. Might as well be blunt, right? Here's the top five...sorry if the name misled you.

5) Tony Bennett
Called "the best singer in the business" by no less a legend than Frank Sinatra, I can't argue with Old Blue Eyes, who wasn't bad himself. Kidding aside, the guy's still going strong at 81, still singing great American songs with his still fantastic voice. Must hear albums: The Tony Bennett Bill Evans Album, Playin' With My Friends

4) Herbie Hancock
Truly great artists aren't afraid to venture away from a formula that's proved successful...I'm looking at you, Mike Love. Like one of his most famous songs, Herbie's a true chameleon, trying something new with each release. Must hear albums: Maiden Voyage, Head Hunters
3) James Taylor
We go from two jazz greats to the king of mellow soft rock? Yes, I am insane. But no one can write an ode or sing a tune quite like this guy, who's worth seeing live any day. Must hear album: (LIVE)

2) The Who
Let's turn up the volume for Daltrey's scream, Entwistle's booming bass, Moon's manic percussion, and Townshend's masterful strumming. Everybody wishes they could rock like these guys. Must hear albums: Tommy, Who's Next

1) The Beatles
Are you surprised? How many other artists accomplished so much in a decade, and went on to produce classic solo work? Must hear albums: They're all worth a listen, but my personal favorites are Revolver and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band


  1. The title truly did mislead me. The Who is a solid choice for #2.

  2. We got a great show for ya, including this snazzy little rock band called The Who, so stay tuned![/Tony Bennett]

  3. The Who Sellout is one of the most underrated albums in comparison to others. It is better than Who's Next, in my opinion!

  4. Sadly, I've never heard The Who Sell Out, but I'll check it out! Is it better than Tommy?

  5. It's close imo, but... well I'll let you decide.

  6. It's close imo, but... well I'll let you decide.


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