Friday, June 27, 2008

Romania OKs 11 Year Old's Abortion

BUCHAREST, Romania - The government ruled Thursday that an 11-year-old rape victim would be allowed to have an abortion in Romania, dismissing the opposition of 20 church groups.

Pro-life Christian Orthodox groups had threatened to press charges if the girl was allowed to have an abortion in Romania since it would be beyond the 14 week legal limit. The girl is 21 weeks pregnant.

The stance of the church groups was in contrast to the Romanian Orthodox Church's official view that the decision should be left to the girl's family. The parents initially wanted to travel to a country where it would be legal. - MSNBC

Courtesy to Matt Hurton for first making me aware of this tragedy.


  1. Sorry we're ganging up on you, Glen, but I'm with Chris on this one. She's ELEVEN. That's no age to be having babies!

  2. Honestly, I just told Glen about it to see the response to his point of view.

    Though he said he actually agreed with me on this one, so I think this might just be him not putting his point across clearly.

    Or maybe it's sarcasm.

    Or maybe.....Oh damnit all, I don't know.


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