Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sketchy/Creepy/Freak Analysis

Last year, I interviewed three random people (two students and one teacher) on the topic of the words sketchy, creepy, and freak. Precisely, I asked them what each of the words mean.

  • Sketchy: 
  • "Anyone that is way too sexual in the way that he or she presents his or her self."
  • "A stalker."
  • "A shady person; you don't trust their instincts."
  • Creepy: 
  • "Anybody that has the balls to follow you in the middle of school."
  • "A strange person who makes you feel uncomfortable and you wouldn't want to be left alone with."
  • Freak: 
  • "Anyone who thinks they are cool and everyone knows they are not."
  • "Someone who does weird stuff for attention."
  • "Abnormal in comparison to the rest of society."

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